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Our company Ocrown Co., Ltd is established in 2009. We are specializing in special effect pigment, like pearl pigment, chameleon pigment, holographic pigment, fluorescent pigment, chrome mirror powder, thermochromic pigment, photochromic pigment, glitter, and so on. Our products have acquired certifications like SGS, ISO. The products have high quality but with competitive prices.

We have a permit of import and export.We are currently participating in the markets of South-East Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Middle East, and Africa. Our experienced team specializes in understanding these key markets and can quickly identify the most cost effective products in order for you to meet your business needs. 

Our business goal is to provide the best product of China, and a professional communication platform between China's market and the international market. Based on our rich experience of international market, we place a high priority on providing professional, high-quality customer service. 

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