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Super Chameleon Pigment


Color Shifting Gorgeous Chameleon Pigment

1. Color shifting pigment is a high-tech synthetic inorganic pigment compounded by multiple inorganic oxide materials.

2. Color shifting pigments shows changing colors & strong color flowing effect if you look from different angle. Multi color series, different particle size are available for wide application and customer needs. Viewed as a new generation of pearl pigment, it can add great value and enhance the visual effect.


Chameleon Pigment’s Features & Characteristics

1. Color changes by angles,magical color with a high mirror effect

2. Inorganic, Multilayer coating, Light bright and color

3. Nontoxic, odourless, good light/heat/weather resistance.
4. Free of heavy metal.
5. They can be widely used in various industries, such as automobile, lacquer cosmetics, electrical appliances, plastics, printing, synthetic leather, and in high security printing of bank notes, negotiable securities etc.

Chameleon is suitable for a large number of coating applications, such as industrial and plastic coatings, powder and leather coatings, and dispersion paints. With weatherproof coating, it gives automobile coatings a special something and displays its surprising color play in architectural applications.


25 kgs Per Carton or Drum


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