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Glow in Dark Pigment


Glow in Dark Pigments

Ocrown Glow in dark pigments, also called long lasting Photoluminescent Pigments, Luminous Pigments,

Luminescent Pigments, Phosphorescent Pigments, Glowing pigments. It’s the highest commerical grade new glowing material that after being exposed to light will absorb that light energy and then slowly release it over time. These glow in the dark powders will glow for hours in total darkness and offer a variety of practical, artistic and fun uses.

Item Color Particle size(μm)
1 59P08 White 3-7μm
2 59P22 Yellow Green 3-7μm
3 59P3D Skye Blue 3-7μm
4 59TCW Blue Green 3-7μm
5 59L26 Purple 3-7μm
6 59C01 Orange Red 3-7μm
7 59G22 Amaranth 3-7μm
8 59001 White 3-7μm
9 59002 Yellow Green  3-7μm
10 59003 Blue Green  3-7μm
11 59004 Sky Blue 3-7μm
12 59005 White Purple 3-7μm
13 59006 Apple Green  3-7μm
14 59007 Lemon Yellow 3-7μm
15 59008 Golden Yellow 3-7μm
16 59009 Orange Yellow 3-7μm
17 59010 Orange Red 3-7μm
18 59011 Peach 3-7μm
19 59012 Pink 3-7μm
20 59013 Red 3-7μm
21 59014 Purple 3-7μm
22 59015 Blue 3-7μm
23 59016 Plum 3-7μm

Use of glow in dark pigments:

Mixing these Luminescent Pigments in clear mediums such, as polyurethanes, epoxies, plastics or acrylic emulsions will render that medium to glow in the dark after being charged by light. From safety, to art, to sports products the creative possibilities are endless with these amazing glowing substance. Totally non-toxic these strontium based glow pigments come in a variety of amazing glow colors.

Property of glow in dark pigments:

The smaller the particle size, the lower the luminance is.

Compared with other pigments, glow in the dark pigment can be easily and widely used in many fields.

Features & Characteristics of glow in dark pigments:
Emits visiable colors in the glow dark.
Very long glow time 8-10 hours


If you are mixing these powders with glues, paints or epoxies it is also best to avoid UV blockers as UV light is an excellent means of charging glow in the dark substances and UV blockers will absorb this light.

Suggested Uses of glow in dark pigments:
* Poly Resin
* Nail Art
* Candle Making
* Soap Making
* Resin Jewelry
* Artist, Acrylic & Tempera Paints
* Polymer Clay
* Watercolors

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